Who We Are

The Lotus Initiative, Inc. is a for purpose 501c(3) created to Empower, Educate and uplift one girl and woman at a time. The partners of Lotus Initiative have each come together to form the organization on a mission to transform as many lives as they can. The Lotus Initiative Inc. feels that by exposing girls to an opportunity and guiding through the steps can transform a life!

The programs combined with the the mentoring & coaching will be such a powerful combination in taking a teenager into successful productive  and healthy life.

 The Lotus Flower Despite these conditions, the lotus flower maintains strength, and pushes aside each of these dirty obstacles as it makes its way to clearer surfaces. At this time, the lotus is still just a stem with only a few leaves, and a small flower pod. But in time, the stem continues to grow, and the pod slowly surfaces above the water, into the clean air, finally freeing itself from the harsh life conditions below. It is then that the lotus slowly opens each beautiful petal to the sun, basking in the worldly beauty surrounding it. The lotus flower is ready to take on the world.  Despite being born into dark, murky conditions, where hope for such beautiful life seems dubious, the lotus grows, rises above adversity. Ironically, this same dirty water washes it clean as it surfaces. As the lotus opens each petal to the air, not a stain or spot of mud remains externally. The inner lotus too, has never seen a drop of mud or dirty water. It is pure, and bright, and beautiful.