The mission of Lotus Initiative is to empower and inspire girls and young woman in all walks of life. No matter what stage of their lives, we will assist them with professional and personal growth through venues that provide motivation, awareness, and mentoring. Encouraging, Empowering and equipping young ladies for the future!!
To be a conduit via the power of God to women of all cultures, races causing them to be encouraged, uplifted, so that they may become successful mentally, spiritually.
A woman’s self-esteem, self-image, and self-confidence are greatly enhanced as she learns her purpose, her various gifts, talents and abilities. Which in turn makes her a better mother, wife, sister, parent, etc.
Our life is a mirror image of our attitudes and therefore having a new attitude will invariably create new results. Thus it is our mission to develop new attitudes and change mindsets for women to help them develop new attitudes toward their circumstances and to help them rise above them.