Building Ladies of Integrity
ladies of integrity
Ladies of Integrity, “Planting seeds today that will bear more fruit in its season!”

This is a Sisterhood/Mentoring path with mission to educate and empower ladies to learn how to live a life with INTEGRITY, RESPECT, and DISCIPLINE with emphasis on developing social skills and character? Our purpose is to empower, educate, encourage, and motivate young girls to reach their full potential.  Our programs focus on improving a ladies self-esteem, self-worth, and self-confidence. We feel that teaching social skills and developing character is imperative to the educational experience and performance of our personal development.  We feel if you empower a child with knowledge, they will be equipped to make a better decision when faced with challenges and peer pressure. Then they will be able to communicate and conduct themselves better in relationships, peer groups, spouse, children, parents, and teachers,

Our vision is to transform our minds, empower our lives, then Change this world.  So that we can truly be made FREE.  We strive to build lasting mentoring relationships, decrease the drop-out rate, decrease number of ladies catching AIDS/ HIV, end dating violence, stop teen violence, improve literacy, bring fathers back home, rebuild family communication, and help ladies reach their Dreams.


Path 180:P_180_degrees

180 degrees is designed for the young lady that feels as if there life is not quite going in the direction they want and living in what we call the insanity circle. After complete one on one assessment 1010 will critique a program aligned for each individual according with the particular needs. She will be partnered with both a peer partner and a coach. The mentee will be placed on a path especially designed for her that could consist of employment shadowing to discover her purpose in life. School placement, Job placement. This program also assist with resume and interview training as well to prepare the mentee to be successful after training to obtain gainful employment. If the paths we assist them with implementing are followed their lives will transform and allow them to be productive and successful members of society.


College Bound:P_college_bound_hat_and_tassle

College bound will introduce college life to the young girls and assist them with what it takes to be college bound by making sure the school curriculum as well as proper pre- college test as the ACT and SAT are completed. College bound will also take campus tours, assist with applications for college and financial aid & grants, scholarships and bound will assist with narrowing down majors by internships prior to college.


Discovers ships-Internships:P_internships

With our partners mentees will have the opportunity to shadow various careers to assist them with choosing their career path. We encourage our girls to select a field that they will enjoy and gain fulfillment from. Our partners range from m Doctors’ offices, Law offices, Marketing & Promotions, Real Estate, Police Departments ,retail, Insurance, Information Technology, and the list goes on..

The girls will shadow a position for a full 6 to 8 hours a day learning the various duties of positions they may be considering to allow them to experience firsthand is this something they would like to do.


Girl Power:girl_power

Entrepreneurship, let’s explore our talents and pull out the dreams of our youth and allow them to expand on their dreams. Entrepreneurship is definitely not for everyone but we will indeed identify the entrepreneurs after our boot camp.  This is a path that the girls take a course that will go over the role of entrepreneurship. Understanding all elements of being a business owner and all the aspects involved. Understanding the good that bad and the ugly that comes along with being the business owner.


Mentoring & Coaching:P_mentoring

One on one relationships that are formed between volunteers allowing the mentee to have a conversational outlet. The mentors will usually try to speak with the mentee on an ongoing basis and try to meet with the mentee for an outing such as the movies school event etc. Mentees are to play apart on teaching life skills and be a supportive role model.


S.M.A.R.T is an advocate for single mothers who are raising children in a single-parent home. It was created to aid in the advancement, prosperity and success of each mother and child. We want to provide a “safe place” for single mothers and their children, build trust & healthy relationships, provide support, and empower mothers and children in the best way possible one family at a time.
Provided Services:

  • Counseling/Life Coaching, Mentorship
  • Provide support to single families experiencing personal life crisis
  • Assist with personal development, social skills, life skills
    Individual and group/family counseling
  • Need Based Financial Assistance, Outreach & Education
  • Financial planning and investment education (college funds, savings, etc.)
  • Supply necessities for mothers in need of clothing, food, personal items, etc.
  • Provide school supplies for mothers with school-aged children.
  • Assistance for Victims of Domestic Violence
  • Provide a safe haven for women who suffer from abuse, neglect, abandonment of any kind